Our Firm

...... provides excellence in service and innovative financial planning to help our clients reach their financial objectives in the creation, maximization, protection and enjoyment of their wealth.  

At Polaris, we believe that a plan is a powerful tool. Reaching your long-term financial objectives hinges on having the right plan -- one that fits your unique circumstances and grows with you whether you be are a single person, married with children individuals, corporate executives, professionals, business owners & not for profits at any income and wealth level. We begin by analyzing you and helping clients by providing personalized recommendations based solely on a client's specific needs, circumstances and goals. 

Planning your financial future can be a daunting task. That's where Polaris comes in. As trained, licensed professionals with combined experience of over 50 years, we offer fee-based financial planning* and wealth management* strategies. We are client-centered and utilize an organized team approach to make sure that you have access to people who are familiar with your situation and specific objectives.

 As a firm, our mission is to present empowering advice that allows you to make confident financial decisions. Our aim is to help all of our clients build wealth as efficiently as possible in any economic climate, allow you to enjoy what you've built in your lifetime without anxiety, and then pass on as much of that wealth as possible to whomever you wish.  

We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you, listen carefully to your goals and explain how our approach might help you achieve them.

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*Investors should be aware that investing based upon strategies or models does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss.